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CP-D90DW Hi Res Photo Printers

                                                                        NEW HIGH CAPACITY media CK-D868 MAKES IT POSSIBLE.                                                                                                        You get 60 more 4x6" prints (that's 120 more 2x6" strips, or 30 more 6x8" prints) per box. Suits D90 printer only. 

Your essential back-up printer has a reduced price -

                 limited stock and for a limited time!

CP-K60DW-S looks like its big brother CP-D70DW, but it does a lot more and does it more economically.  Print 2x6" strips, 4x6", 6x6" and 8x6" without changing media. Printer price $899.00.00 including  GST and delivery.

CK-K76R(HG) high grade multisize media for K60 printer is our most cost effective media - 1 box will print 640 4x6" prints (or 1,280 2x6" strips, or 320 6x8" prints). Price is $132.00 including GST and delivery for a single box.  Order 3 boxes (and get a discounted $120 + GST per box - that's $0.20 per 4x6" print.

We have great printer deals for you including everything you need to get the most out of your printer.

Your Business Class printer has a reduced price -

                 limited stock and for a limited time!

CP-D70DW is on special at $1,250.00 + GST right now!  That's $1375.00 including GST, delivery by road freight, and warranty!  Grab yours now!

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