CK-D720 6×8″ media for D90

$242.00 $187.00

6 x 8″ colour print set for  Mitsubishi D90 printer only.  Box contains 2 ink rolls and 2 paper rolls, each good for 200 prints.  Total prints per box 400.

Limited stock available.

Price includes delivery within Australia.

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CK-D720 is a Mitsubishi  6 x 8″ colour print set, barcode locked to suit only CP-D70DW-S (special model) and CP-D90DW printers.  We secured a once-only discount on this stock, making it more economical than CK-D746 premium media used in CP-D90DW.

Floor stock only!  It will not be replenished, so buy now before it’s all gone!

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