MT1-EVO Print Kiosk

Original price was: $2,058.97.Current price is: $999.00.

No longer available but we do have media in stock

A great little touchscreen kiosk designed for photo printing. Runs on a unix platform, and connects with Mitsubishi printer CP-K60DW-S. You can make adjustments to photos before printing, and if in retail can set up the kiosk to hold printing until payment is made. Prices can be set in the kiosk to show on screen.  Customers can print 4×6″ or 6×8″ size.  Accepts a variety of inputs – SD, XD, MMC, and compact flash cards as well as bluetooth (good for Android but not Apple phones), and USB stick.  Bluetooth for Android phones – not Apple. Kiosk links by USB cable to Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S printer (included). 1 box of CK-K76R(HG) print media is included – good for 640 x 4×6″ size or 320 x 8×6″ size prints.  Media is capable of printing dual sizes.

Price: $999.00, including GST.  Kit includes Kiosk, Printer and 1 box of printer media.

Out of stock


This product is no longer available but we still have CK-K76R(HG) media in stock to fit it.

Nothing fancy here, just a simple print solution! These little ex-demo  kiosks are very handy for batch printing, and also for retail in remote locations where the kiosk can sit on the shop counter ready for customer self service, and the attached printer can be placed behind the counter.  Pricing can be set up in the kiosk, as can payment before printing will start.

It’s a unix based system, very robust, and easy to set up and operate, with basic photo adjustments offered and 4×6 and 6×8″ sizes.  Connect this kiosk to our Mitsubishi printer CP-K60DW-S and you have a very economical photo printing solution!

2 demonstration units (including kiosk and CP-K60DW-S printer, plus 1 box of CK-K76R(HG) print media) are on sale now at $999.00 each, including GST.

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