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Chris Lee

Noosa Photo Booths.

We have been ordering photo paper from Hi-Res Photo Printing for 8 years now. Always next day delivery and we have never had any problems with the quality of the ink and paper. I had a problem with the driver not installing itself correctly at a wedding the other night. I was in a total panic and decided to call Jenni for some help, on a Saturday night. Jenni saved the day and talked me through the manual driver installation in about 2 minutes. I was able to start the booth on time and all went well. Thanks a bunch Jen, You are awesome, Cheers.

Tamara Freid

The team at Hi Res Photo Printing are exceptional! They are definitely my go to company for my Printing and Media purchases, supply’s and advice. I would certainly recommend if you are looking for professional, very responsive, supportive suppliers.

Hayley Bull

Jenni and her team at Hi-Res Photo Printing are amazing! Their customers service, quick response and excellent knowledge is why I shop with them. Jenni was amazing when I needed help & she was able to talk me through the steps so quickly. She put up with my poor reception and save the day!! I couldn't thank her enough!

Kevin Preston

Super fast delivery, quick response to my email. Very happy customer.

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What about this little beauty?

Strong, Light, fits most photo printers. Only $99 + freight

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Move Beyond Just Printing

Setup your Mitsubishi D90 photo printer at an event in just minutes. Simply, plug in the printer and the NUC into a wall socket and turn it on. Within 3 minutes you can up and printing with a huge range of features designed for event printing.

Print From Mobile Devices

No Apps To Download

Increase print engagement by not having to download any apps. Simply connect to the printer hotspot and print follow the instructions. 

No Internet Connection available?

No Internet Access Required

The D90 can create its own WiFi hotspot allowing people print from their phone.  

Mobile Printing
Added Value with NEW CK-D868 high capacity media!

Lower Print Cost, with longer time between roll changes!

CK-D868 gives you many print sizes from 1 ink/paper roll! Print 4x6", 6x8", 14" & 20" panorama sizes!

Need More Photos?

Print Pictures From Your iCloud

Connect your printer to an internet connection and allow printing from iCloud

Want To Print From your DSLR On The Spot?

Print From your Canon wifi enabled DSLR

Print your amazing images on the spot with your  DSLR and tablet /PC. Simply connect both your tablet and camera to the wifi and away you go.

Photo Booth Printers



M1E Printer

The M1 is a great printer! It has everything you need for a photo booth printer. Its  VERY affordable, VERY economical to run, reliable and gets the job done. Its rollback feature enables dual sizes from the same media - 4x6" and 6x8".  This printer is perfect for photo booths and events.

Print Speed: 11.9 Seconds for 4x6"

Print Sizes: 2 x 6" to 6 x 8"

Ink Rewind & Rollback

Supports Images with 1:1 Aspect Ratio

Business Class



This D70 has become the current standard for photo booth owners around Australia. Its reliability,  fast print speed and ultra fine print setting capacity make it the printer of choice for most photo booth owners and event photographers.

Print Speed: 8.4 Seconds for 4 x 6"

Print Sizes: 2 x 6" to 6 x 8"

Ultrafine, Super Fine & Fine Print Modes

Glossy and Matte Finish Options

First Class



The D90 is changing way the photo printers are used in photo booths and general photography. Not only does it have more print sizes (including 14" and 20" panorama), it comes with optional "wireless" printing using Mitsubishi's own wifi software (on a NUC mounted on D90 printer) which gives users the capability to print photos straight from their phone or tablet.

With pre-drilled mounting holes for an Intel NUC, your photobooth equipment just got a lot smaller, and your event photography just got a whole lot more flexible!

Print Speed: 7.8 Seconds for 4 x 6"

Sizes: 4 x 6", 5 x 7", 6 x 8", & 6 x 9"

Ultrafine, Super Fine & Fine Print Modes

Glossy and Matte Finish Options

Optional Mobile phone printing

Optional kioskless printing

Why Choose

Mitsubishi Photo Printers?

Incredible Engineering

Designed for the future

Focusing on going GREENER

While we know of Mitsubishi as a vehicle manufacturer and an air conditioning manufacturer, they design and produce an amazing range of products you would not be aware of (think of the electrics in the Tangara trains in Sydney). The truth is they are an awesome engineering company dedicated to building products that exceed our expectations.


Some Of Our Other Cool Toys

Instant Photo Kiosk - great for batch photo printing 

MT1-EVO Photo Kiosk

The MT1-EVO is a portable, quick setup photo kiosk. (Think of it as a smaller less complicated versions of the ones at Harvey Norman or Office Works). It can do many things, making it a perfect little add-on in small tourist shops  and remote communities.  It's very handy for bulk printing at events, and for retro parties!


(Compatible with CP-K60DW-S printer)

Medical Printer

Medical Printers & Consumables

We stock the famous P95DW b/w printer, so popular with the gel doc community.  Ask us about other printers for medical and scientific use, as well as the vast range of colour and b/w consumables we stock.