Meet The Next Gen In Photo Booth Printers

Meet Mitsubishi's next gen of Dye Sublimation photo printers!

Meet one of the most versatile dye sublimation printers available. With features for photographers, photo booths, events and tourism.

The D90 photo printer combines high-quality, fast printing & reliability with the latest in smart print tech. Let clients print straight from there mobile, tablet or computers! No app or internet required. Or take it to the next level and add the internet to let your clients print from iCloud and  WiFi-enabled DSLR cameras.

Move Beyond Just Printing

Setup your Mitsubishi D90 photo printer at an event in just minutes. Simply plug in the printer and the rear-mounted NUC into a wall socket and turn it on. Within 3 minutes your guests can be printing photos from their phones or tablets!  Mitsubishi's Wifi printing software makes the printing process fun and engaging, with a huge range of features designed for event printing.

Download D90 Smart Print Brochure

Print From Mobile Devices

No Apps To Download

Increase print engagement by not having to download any apps. Simply connect to the printer hotspot and print follow the instructions. 

No Internet Connection available?

No Internet Access Required

The D90 can create its own WiFi hotspot allowing people print from their phone.  

Mobile Printing
Added Value with NEW CK-D868 high capacity media!

Lower Print Cost, with longer time between roll changes!

CK-D868 gives you many print sizes from 1 ink/paper roll! Print 4x6", 6x8", 14" & 20" panorama sizes!

Need More Photos?

Print Pictures From Your iCloud

Connect your printer to an internet connection and allow printing from iCloud

Want To Print From DSLR On The Spot?

Print From Canon DSLR

Print your amazing images on the spot with your  DSLR and tablet. Simply connect both your tablet and wifi camera to the wifi and away you go.

How it works

We have created a few frames to help you get started. please feel free to download and share them.

  • Connect to Printer's Wifi

    The printer creates a localised wifi field. 

  • Type photoprint.lan in your browser

    this connects you directly with the NUC and Mitsubishi's wifi software

  • Print Your photo

    It's as easy as this!

How to use frames

How to make the Frames

Here's a video showing how easy it is to make customised frames.  Your guests will receive not only their photos but also your branding/message!

How to load the Frames

Here's a video showing how easy it is to load customised frames.  Your guests will receive not only their photos but also your branding/message!

Smart Print Photo Printer

CP-D90DW Hi Res Photo Printers

CP-D90DW is Mitsubishi’s newest professional printer, featuring the broadest use of media (0.21mm or 0.23mm) – select from CK-D746, CK-D746-PF33, CK-D746-PF33, CK-D868, CK-D768 & CK-D769.

New head cooling function enables more prints per hour – up to 450! Mains plug is recessed  and a 90 degree plug is supplied with this model, ensuring printer size is not increased.

Rewind function enables 2 formats (4 x 6” and 6 x 8”) from one media kit (CK-D868) without any loss of paper or ink sheet. CK-D868 yields 460 4x6” prints per box, saving you on cost.

External peripherals can be powered direct from this printer (+5V / 12V DC)

Panorama Prints –) are now available!  Choose between 6 x 14” or 6 x 20”.  After installing latest firmware 2.10 and WIN driver  2.10 you can find panorama sizes offered in page setup.

Rear screw holes in the chassis provide for ready mounting of a NUC – use your NUC  for your photobooth software, or our NUC pre-loaded with Smart Print software for no-internet wifi direct printing from phone or tablet or pc.