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Premium Hi-Speed Digital Color Photo Printer

Ideal for Photo Booths or Kiosk Stations with Limited Space

*** This printer is no longer available** Please see DNP printers here 

Exceptional quality, Dependable product reliability, Fast Printing and Outstanding durability. Mitsubishi Electric’s CP-D90DW full-featured event photo printer is a quick, lightweight professional photo printer with a space-saving single deck design.

Media choices for this model:  CK-D735 / 746 / 757 / 768   OR CK-D868 high capacity media.

If you have CP-D70 printers and wish to add CP-D90DW to your fleet, the good news is you can continue to use CK-D746 media in you CP-D90 just as you use in your CP-D70!


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D90 Driver V2.10 With Panorama
D90 Firmware Update Manual

3.6/5 (18 Reviews)


*** This printer is no longer available** Please see DNP printers here 

The CP-D90DW is the best printer Mitsubishi Electric has ever designed for Photo booths and Event Photographers. Its compact footprint makes it fit installations of many kinds. Equipped with versatile connectivity options, small, low-powered devices and computers like a Stick PC, tablets or mobile phones with the appropriate controlling apps can easily be powered and used to control the CP-D90DW printer, providing options such as wireless printing, building a cost-efficient print station, etc. through the connected devices. Jam-packed with features like built-in image processor, auto image-optimizers and a rewind feature that enables users to print multiple print sizes from just one roll of media, the CP-D90DW printer is the ideal workhorse for your photo booth or event printing needs.


New, Panoramic Printing Solution!

Panorama printing has arrived for the CP-D90DW. Simply download and update your CP-D90DW Firmware and Panoramic drivers to start printing 6×14″ and 6×20″ formats. No additional software needed. No SDK or external accessories required. Requires 6×8″ media (use CK-D868, or CK-D768).

Compact Sized High Speed, High Capacity Instant Photo Printer  4″ x 6″. 5″ x 7″ &  6″ x 8

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3.6/5 (18 Reviews)